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“Psssstt, the coast is clear,” said my sister coming out from behind the door.  “LET’S GET STARTED!” People! believe me, we weren’t going to perform some crazy science experiment that would blow up our house this late at night. We had a more important mission.


1- Peel and cut seven big potatoes and then fry and eat them.

2- Remove all evidence of any foul play for which we could be charged guilty!

3-  Pray that the smell of freshly fried chips doesn’t reach the dangerous room( Our parent’s room):P

4- And do all of this in a limited time of 2 hours. The reason we were being extra cautious was that even if a faint smell reached our mama she’d immediately find out that two locusts were busy eating her potato crop after which the consequences would be severe.

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The most notable would be:
Our laptop would be confiscated and taken into custody and we would definitely get grounded

Because neither of us wanted that to happen we quickly set to work. Entering the kitchen on tiptoes like FBI agents, moments before catching the criminals, we attacked the target (potatoes) with the weapon’s  in our hands. Me with a knife and my sis with the peeler.  We caught them red-handed and told them that everything they said now would be used against them and they had the right to hire an attorney and threw them in jail (the frying pan) in which they turned a beautiful golden brown.

And thus the first half of our mission was complete. Thank GOD!
The other half however was a bit more dangerous and daring, but we were ready.

ninjas moon silhouette naruto shippuden uchiha itachi anime anbu 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_74
 Both of us crept like ninjas towards the whirring box. Each knew their assigned task. I had to copy the movie without making anything fall, while she would keep watch to give the “red signal” in case any danger appeared. All went well until we heard a cough. We stared at each other with platter-like eyes.

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We knew then, there was only one thing to do.


And that is exactly what we did. No cheetah could have outrun us that night.

Once safely back in our den, we erupted into giggles, me holding the USB like a trophy won after a fierce battle.

Hand holding a trophy

Having completed our mission we settled down happily to munch and crunch, but not before thoroughly discussing our escape plan. That is if in case someone came I had to hide the laptop under my covers and play dead, while she would be responsible for hiding the plates and then springing into bed herself.
But all our fears were put to rest when no one came. The movie ended happily and we both went to bed with smiling round faces and round tummies.

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Ate too much 2

Dedicated to my sisters, without them I  could never have a chance to be a locust or a ninja at night. I love you both.


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  1. andy1076 says:

    lol all the while in minion suspenders I take it? 😀 thank you for following my blog 🙂


    1. nanami20 says:

      hahah :)your’e welcome 🙂


  2. Awww, I can totally relate with these late night missions…Even though I’m alone I manage to do it 😛
    And care to share the French fries? 😀


    1. nanami20 says:

      sure anytime;P


  3. Naiyyas says:

    nice.. Siblings are such an awesome gift of god… i do these things with my elder brother.. i dont have a real sister though.. and in our mission the aim is maggi instead of french fries.. 😀


    1. nanami20 says:

      glad you liked it:) we also sometimes change our fried chips mission to maggi mission ;p


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