Just a moment :)

scroll down real  slowly :



3d-abstract_widewallpaper_peaceful-ending_357443e5c9084b4621ed817bc3e1d4062a28bProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 preset60_90_163bab99539af9a1b05010619c7d1e15d11535ad74de03a7396d48f7c35bc6f8564280__peaceful-place_p138490__peaceful-beautiful-river-view_p304037__peaceful-morning-sea_p422111426416__peaceful-place_p433351__peaceful-evening_p520964__peaceful-landscape_p564809858025__peaceful-sunset_p907604__peaceful-sunset_p1014586-bigthumbnail1065783-bigthumbnail1642638-bigthumbnail

  • a1c8a8aa3205f908745e34707e482733

a-peaceful-retreat-thomas-kinkade-forest-house-dogs-painting-paintings-thomas-kinkadebg6Ydm1c7eb3c99acf7259d689e31ee833d217fChildren_Day_vector_wallpaper_0168005adfg-page-1650381god-nature-green-landscape-paradise-peaceful-sky-sun-sunny-trees-2386681il_340x270.265452578il_340x270.564625011_3bwqimages (1)images (2)images (3)images (4)images (5)images (7)images (8)images (9)images (10)imageslandscapes trees plants waterfalls peaceful natural 1280x1024 wallpaper_www.wallpaperwa.com_45Peaceful Mountain Wallpaper__yvt2PEACEFUL SETTING Wallpaper__yvt2Peaceful sunset Wallpaper__yvt2 (1)Peaceful sunset Wallpaper__yvt2peaceful_new_year_2013peaceful_sunsetpeaceful_wallpaper_landscape_nature_wallpaper_1600_1200_1039peaceful-107092peaceful-pier-223904peaceful-place-222176 (1)Quiet-and-Peaceful-River-Under-the-Rising-Sun-You-Should-Embrace-and-Welcome-the-Upcoming-Day-HD-Natural-Scenery-Wallpapersea-sky-sunset-peaceful-sailboat-sailboats-sailing-640144So-peaceful-cats-16233832-1280-800sshot4cf60e4687c5fsunset-wallpaperThe Warmth of Autumn by Susan Rios from Pierside Gallery4






















































































































































I hope that i succeed in taking one minute of your hectic life to make you feel sleepy and  happy 🙂


Gudnight 🙂





















































20 thoughts on “Just a moment :)

  1. Hi, I’m sending you this note because you’re a follower on my blog. I’ve ended my blog, The Siren’s Tale + started a new blog named: Belong With Wildflowers. I’d love to have you follow my new blog as well, please stop on over for a visit: http://belongwithwildflowers.com 🙂

    You can follow my new blog through email subscription, RSS, Bloglovin’, or any other blog reader. Hope you’re having a great week! –Caitlin


  2. “I hope that i succeed in taking one minute of your hectic life to make you feel sleepy and happy :)”

    -Oh yes, you did! Amazing collections, especially the cats!


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