Forgive And Forget????

Are you a human? If your answers yes then you must definitely had a fight with some other human bean ;).After the fight did you ever think of forgiving that person.99.9% of the people would say no. I myself would learn karate, get a black belt and kick that person you know where instead of forgiving and “FORGET” EXCUSE ME WHAT DOES “THAT”WORD MEAN?











But not forgiving and forgetting can also cost you a lot for starters:

1) You’ll become old before your grandparents .And when your grandchildren ask granny why is your hair white is it because of wisdom?you’ll have  no choice  but to tell them “ NO ,I never forgave and therefore I also never forgot” .









2) Instead of going to sleep at night like other people you’ll lay awake in bed thinking of ways to take revenge which could lead to insomnia making you a zombie overnight.










3)You’ll miss treats .For example: I had a fight with my sister and she has a box full of yummy delicious chocolates ………………….You know what I mean.But if you forgive:










4)People will follow you around like Paparazzi’s and if you do something wrong they also wont forgive and definitely  not forget.










5)The number of enemy followers will increase with decrease in friends.








6)you’ll become a worrywart.
















Is it still difficult: Just do one thing, Remember that person’s good points.


1) GOD loves those who forgive others. So the quicker you forgive others the quicker GOD will forgive you.













2) You’ll have peace of mind. And  that is much better than wasting money on sleeping pills .









3)You’ll be a healthy granny with black hair.













4) Backbiting will decrease .Making this world a happier place to live in.








5) You’ll have more friends in real life then you have on facebook.











6)paparazzi’s will go out of job.








The best way to act on something good is to tell others so that even if you forget they’ll remind you.Stay blessed:)






I have been nominated for The Sunshine Award!!Alhamdulillah.

Big thanks to  Lauren green( for nominating me

I am really happy 🙂




The rules..

1)- Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

2)- Show off your award on your blog (in a post, widget, etc. like I did).

3)- Answer 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.

4)- Create 10 questions of your own.

5)- Nominate 5-10 of your favourite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.

6)- Tell them about it and provide a link back to your website so that they can know more about the award

The questions I have been given to answer are as follows:

1. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Mind reading.

2. If you had to drink one drink for the rest of your life what would it be?

Green tea 🙂

3. What’s the song that has the most meaning to you?


4. If you could marry any celebrity who would it be?


5. What was your main intentions in starting your blog?

Making people smile 🙂

6. What is your favourite movie and why?

The Suspect .Because I love action and thriller movies.

7. What is your biggest fear?

Dying and knowing  that God is unhappy with me or my parents dying .

8. What do you most look forward to in life?

Becoming a better person.

9. If you could change any moment in time what would it be?

The time when my cat Minky died.

10. Would you rather be always hot or always cold?

I,d rather be both:)

My nominees are:

And my 10 questions for my nominees are

1)What was the happiest moment in your life ?

2)if you had one day to live what would you do?

3) if you could talk to animals what would you ask them?

4) if you could be someone else for one day who would you wanna be?

5)did you ever dye your hair?what colour?

6)If your house was on fire what would be the first thing you would save ?

7)what character movie/anime/cartoon would you wanna be?

8)who is the person you respect the most?

9)what is the craziest thing you did in your life?

10)what is your greatest fear?

Take your time :)Happy answering:P

A morning through my balcony window :








I Woke up today to greet a lovely ,sunny day.It had been raining last night the raindrops still visible on the windowpane. The  white curtains moving by the light breeze, letting the  sunlight passing through  cast a beautiful shadow on the floor.








Looking out of my balcony window I saw the clear blue sky  two birds busy making their nest.

images (9)







My dad’s garden in full bloom the white roses still covered with dew drops ,the lush green grass decorated with yellow and orange flowers.









Just then my private maid (sister) brought me a cup of tea .The busiest time of the day had begun:









1)I saw my street cat fluffy running  ,Tail high up ,All brushed and clean probably after some pretty cat or it could also have been a mouse .

2)Kids going to school. The minority looking happy the majority on the verge of tears (Exam Season :P)

3) I saw the  uni student who  is always carrying a laptop, running. Not again I thought . This special person is always late (I’ve never seen him walk ).

Running man with briefcase-resized-600










Taking a sip of tea ,I was thinking how can a person  always  be  late.Just then my mom came in,aren’t you going to college today? Glancing at the clock…………oh my God! I was  going to be late.:0





Things that make me happy


1) Making my cat meow back at me.


dontcare_0 (1)







2) Asking my sleep talking sister funny questions and giggling like mad at her mumbling.

m downloading colours











3) waking up and finding still 30 minutes left for college and jumping back to  bed for more beauty sleep.













4) Having a cup of tea with my family in the quite afternoons.








5) Finding a box in my cupboard hidden long ago with bits and odds.

Treasure chest











6) Opening the refrigerator at night to find some yummy junk to munch.(Cuz most of the time only tomatoes and green veggies  are found in there)

refrigerator babies-thumb-640x480-155165










7) In the exam’s randomly choosing from the four options and getting the answer right.









8) Making a to do list and completing every task on time.

9) Reading your old diaries and laughing about the stupid things you wrote back then.








10) Going shopping with my mom and coming back with hands full of stuff I never even went shopping for.













10) Completing a book of 300 pages in one day.









12) Coming home tired to find out that my  mom made my favorite dish, Biryani.


images (11)







13) Acting like a clown to make my parents laugh.

WHY ……………???????? no really Why?

1) Why does your little toe decide to hit every wooden furniture in your home on the coldest day in winter 🙂












2) When you’re cozily bundled up in bed and have warmed ever cold spot and ………… suddenly your like, Crap I have to peee!!!!

images (7)











3)Alone in your room you won’t ever drop juggling balls or fall if you’ve been standing on one leg for the past 15 minutes ,but when it’s time to show someone any of your skill …….. Whoosh you’ll go flying down the stairs.

I Fell...










4) In a hurry when wearing a shirt, why does your head always stubbornly want to get stuck in the sleeve?1278666406_cats-playing







5) When you’ve applied toothpaste on your brush and you’re admiring the color as soon as you raise the brush …..Arghhhhhhh It fell.









6)During your final exams why do you have a dying urge , To clean every drawer ,closet ,read every book that you had never time to read before ,cook, paint go on long walks ,sew and do every crazy thing that you can think of at that time.










7) why do you remember the saddest songs when you can’t find the answer to a question in your exam paper .Especially in your math’s paper……..The last time I gave my math’s paper the lyrics” I am so lonely I have no body kept playing “ for the entire two hours ………….. I still passed.









8) When going to a party why does your curly hair after getting a wash decide to run wild in every direction possible, so that when you enter the party room one of the girl points at you and screams….MUFASSSSAAAAAAA!!!!!

images (1)









9) Why do you always find every pair of shoes and earrings in an emergency situation with one of them gone?

10) Why does the” BISCUIT” always decide to go for a swim in your tea cup when you’re in the least mood to go fishing.




A Startled Korean Chameleon



I am a really committed person .This is why I get more nicknames than any other of my family members. The most recent one awarded by my sisters was, “KOREAN DRAMA DOWNLOADER”.

IT so happened that four years back one of my friends introduced me to the Kworld .since then  I have been really committed in finding dramas and movies that  were probably aired before Shakespeare was born.

The Funny Facts And Consequences Of Watching Kdramas:

1) For starters I Once watched a 16 episode drama (each an hour long ) in 2 days .WHY? cuz I’d read someone’s comment on a kdrama website that they’d watched a 21 episode  drama in two days , back then I had thought “IF THEY CAN DO IT WHY NOT ME? “ However the consequence of taking a full bottle of kdrama pills in 2 days was severe Some of them were:

1)When my mom came to wake me up in the morning I woke up with eyes like those of a startled chameleon.

2)After listening to the theme song “TAKE CARE OF MY BUS” for the twentieth time I wanted to burn every bus in town that morning. Believe me I’m not a violent personJ.

3)Everytime  when someone spoke ,especially  when my mom told me to do something’ she sounded like she was speaking in Korean.”MY MOM CAN’T SPEAK KOREAN!!”

MYThs that need to be changed about kdramas :

1)I won’t deny that Korean dramas can  keep you glued to where you were sitting ten hours ago ,and if not for the bathroom you wouldn’t even move your little toe an inch .But after watching a respectable amount  of dramas I came to the conclusion that the myth if you move you’ll die isn’t true.

2)  In the preview of each  next episode the leads are shown gaping with mouths open and eyes goggling waiting for the horror that’s never gonna come  and so  even  if your  feeling sleepy but you don’t watch the complete drama in one go its  gonna bring you bad luck . This is also  just a myth, so if you hear natures call GOOO!!

images (3)










Once there was a pretty girl named Rapunzel, who had miles and miles of lovely, shining , smooth hair. Rapunzel was a student at a school named” HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY” not that it  actually was  a  witches school. The founder of the school had merely wanted a unique name that would be catchy and easy to remember. OK now back to the story.Rapunzel always stood first in her class cuz she had a brilliant brain. All the students and teachers  liked and praised her (specially her maths teacher professor Snape). And aside from being brilliant in her studies she also shone as an athelite who could run faster then anyone in her class.Her hair bothered her a lot though  when she ran so she wanted to have it cut ,but her family were too poor to pay for a hairdresser. Also She didn’t wanna cut them herself cuz she knew that if she cut them herself she’d definitely look  like the female version of Justin Bieber.

Rapunzel was a brave girl whose only fear were  clucking hens.One day as she was heading home, a hen started clucking angrily thinking that Rapunzel  looked like the person who had taken her egg that morning.Poor Rapunzel begun to run madly, after a while she saw  a Twenty storey gleaming building with glass windows.but when she pushed the door it wouldn’t budge desperately she gave a cry for help.Suddenly a head popped out from the top most window .It was a boy.Rapunzel thinking that the boy was trapped inside, threw up her hair but the head vanished  a few minutes later the boy got off an  elevator and pressing his nose against the glass door told her that his boss had hidden the  door key under a plant pot behind the building.Rapunzel a kind  hearted soul went quickly to search for it and opened the door.The boy was gratified and in return of her kindness he gave her money to have her hair cut . But thinking that money was’nt enough to pay for her kindness he proposed to her with a diamond ring which she happily accepted.And to complete their happy  family they adopted a cameleon named Pascal and lived happily ever after.