The Great Wonders Of Bathrooms

Reading corner in the bathroom

Besides serving its obvious and most important purpose ;P,bathrooms are  a place of wonders where :

1)The Place Where Great Thinkers Are Born :


No one can deny that “A Bathroom” is the best place to think ;D, (I bet that Thomas Edison ran out the bathroom saying Eureka!!! ) ,but only if there isn’t a long line of other thinkers waiting on the other side of the door ;D.

2)The protection of a mother :

Bathrooms now for centuries have been providing  protection against some violent situations ,whether it be your little sister running with a glass of water to throw on you  (Cuz you did the same thing in the morning to wake her up;D ) or in some people’s case their parents with “THAT” beautifully embroided  slipper :D.


3) Helping Understand Chemistry (Improving  vocabulary for chemical formulas :P):

In case of emergency when you are in a hurry and can’t  find any book in close range,the shampoo bottle or the toothpaste tube become your best friends. At the same time they are the best alternatives to quench your thirst for knowledge as hey help you in getting to know about Sodium Laureth Sulfate 😀


4)The Soundproof Study Room :

The best place to finish the last two pages of your book when you know its past bedtime and any minute the warden (MOM;P) might come on tiptoes and take it away from you , Is “THAT “special  room of requirements 😛


5)Taking revenge :

Taking revenge in a bathroom may come in various forms but  one  of the most effective is :

As soon as the enemy goes into the bathroom lock it from outside and turn off  the lights and to add more effect laugh like a crazy baboon:D.


6)Finding the lost :

You are in the bathroom and you can’t remember where you put  your glasses but after a few moments you’ll spring out like a kangaroo. For you  instantly remember that ,while putting the eggs in the refrigerator this morning ,you accidentally put them in too;P


7)Getting to know your talents  :

The bathroom provides you with the opportunity to know :

1)Whether you are tone deaf or not 😛

2)It provides you the opportunity  to act crazy without anyone knowing,like making comical faces  in the mirror or laughing at hilarious scenarios that you just made up in your head .


Me being a total dunce while no one is looking.


8)Keeping good relations with everyone :

Last but not least the bathroom teaches us to keep a  good and strong relationship with each of our family member because you never know when you might have to scream for some toilet paper 😛


The Story Of Sid the busy Cat

Hi! I am Sid and I just woke up:


I still feel sleepy  though.


Oh well time to get up and greet the day .You see  I have a very busy schedule today .

1)I have to watch my favorite TV show titled, “How to straighten out your bed sheet after waking up “.


2) Then I have to wake up my neighbour :).Come on Wakey wakey 😀


Oh well if this method doesn’t work lets try another one .


Oh no he woke up runnnn !!!!!


3) Now comes the time to play with a bushy tail 🙂


4) Time to play hide and seek 😉


5)Make faces at everyone .CHECK.


6) Lets Play chess 🙂


7)Act crazyyyyyy !!!


8)I love this ball .


9)Annoy my human until he feeds me.


10) Ahh I had such an adventurous day today . I am tired now 😛

c480x270_19 (2)

11) Lets  get something to eat from the kitchen .


If I get caught by my human bean this is my cover up story 😉


No use I still got caught 😦


Detention and grounded !


I am sorry ;(


My human bean finally forgave me yayyy 🙂


Goodnight 🙂

On Loving Your Neighbours: Which Ones Should You Really Love


In order to determine that a thorough study needs to be done:


1)The wanna be singers: these are the ones ,who not being able to afford much, turn their bathrooms into singing studios .99% of them tone deaf.Now I firmly believe that the people Simon  said no to on XFactor were definitely his next door neighbours .


He wasn’t Simon’s neighbor I guess………..:P

2) The Quite Ones:


These neighbours  are so quite that they constantly keep you worried and questioning .Are they alive ?Are they alive?.Also they speak so quietly that after every visit you decide two things

  • ) You’ll visit your doctor to have your hearing checked.
  • )  Or you’ll take a loudspeaker with you the next time you visit.


3)The Loud Ones: These are the ones that keep you thinking ,when are they going leave the neighborhood.You wake up in the morning and feel the earth shaking and you jump out of bed screaming , earthquake earthquake at the top of your lungs, only to find out  later that your neighbours were busy hammering a nail.


4)The nosy ones: These neighbors have  a love for bungee jumping behind your wall and sometimes their pets join in the fun.


They are keen in knowing every little detail of things you bought like where,when ,why ,did you buy it .The manufacturing and the expiry date.Where did you buy your shoes from?why blue coloured?Do you like them ?:)


5)The Borrowers :These are the ones who love to borrow every single thing  from you whether it be a cube of ice ,your hairbrush , a pinch of salt and sometimes your bathroom as well. You can consider them distant family members living close;P


6)The “want to make this world a global village”neighbours :They watch every program on TV, of every country ,with the volume so loud that after they have finished watching TV you feel like you have already travelled the world.


7)The Interrogators : These are the dangerous types who aren’t easily avoided( mostly grandmothers ;)), you have to be extremely clever in order to avoid them or in  other words you have to start thinking like a fox .THE BEST THINK TO DO WHENEVER YOU SEE THEM IS………..RUN!!!!!!


8) The Busy ones: this group mostly consists of working moms with four or five kids who don’t consider you anything else but a nanny who doesn’t need to get paid , they call to tell you that in five minutes the’ll be leaving their  angelic kids (ACCORDING TO THEM NOT YOU) with  devilish grins and knives in their hands at your door giving you five minutes to:


  • ) Save what you can: laptops ,cell phones, glass furniture ahhh and  your poor cat and lock them in your safety vault (your room).Once they come into your house ,Let the world war begin:P


9)The Cautious ones: they think of you as a spy so that whenever you ask them something the go like: AHHHH………..Yes…………..uhmmmm ……….. this was given by ……………….ahhhhh ……….. one of my friends…..uhmmmm ……………….i cant remember her name.


This is what I’m doing  to them in my mind 😛

So that when your mom asks where were you ?ahhhhhhhhh…………..I was ………….uhmmmmm……… door .


10)The talkative ones : whenever you come back after meeting them you feel like you’re coming back after just  having watched TV for continuous four hours.

download (4)

This is what you wanna do the talkers:P

And last but not least:

11)THE COMPETETIVE ONES: they are your fiercest competitors.


Even if they haven’t mown their gardens in two years the minute you do the’ll do the same making the residents of their jungle  (GARDEN) a lioness and her four cubs ,rabbits and zebras migrate to their natural habitat. THE real jungle .


Please don’t make us leave 😛

Example 2 : if you buy a car the’ll buy a truck and if you buy a truck the’ll start saving for an airplane.

After this thorough study the answer which neighbours you should love is:“LOVE ALL OF THEM”.

To make the loud ,nosy, quite, interrogators, etc and borrowers your followers and lovers try some of these things :

1)If your neighbours have are listening  to music in  full volume and you feel like Justin Bieber is standing right next to singing just  ring their bell and politely ask them if they could call the singer back ( turn down the volume a little ) 😉


2) if you want your neighbours to be good to you be good to them like whenever you cook something nice send a little bit over to your neighbours. DO GOOD GET GOOD 🙂

3)Start giving money to charities so that your competitive neighbours will give more than you did in this way the poor will get help and your neighbours will get their satisfaction;)

4) Celebrate with them in the time of their happiness and  comfort them in their sorrows. You yourself would like to have someone to share your happiness and sorrow with right?

5)If your neighbours are poor and borrow from you even though you may not like it just help them for the sake of GOD. GOD loves those who help others.  And even if your neihgbours  don’t repay you HE  definitely will.


BUT don’t say it like this 😛

6) keep your neighbor kids busy when they come over 🙂


But  if they still opt for world war you have no choice but to do this;)


The peace in  each neighbourhood will lead to peace in the country ,The peace in the countries will lead to peace in the whole world making this world a better place  to live in:)

tumblr_ml8y6qcTri1r3tvt7o2_1280 (1)

Forgive And Forget

Are you a human?If your answer is yes, then you most definitely must have had a fight with some other human bean ;). After the fight did you ever think of forgiving that person, 99.9% of the people would say no.

I myself would learn karate, get a black belt and kick that person instead of forgiving them. As for “FORGET” EXCUSE ME WHAT DOES “THAT”WORD EVEN MEAN.



But not forgiving and forgetting can also cost you a lot for starters:

1) You’ll become old before your grandparents .When your grandchildren will ask you ,”Why is your hair white granny ,is it because of wisdom?”, You’ll have  no choice  but to tell them,

“ NO ,I never forgave and therefore I also never forgot” .


2) Instead of going to sleep at night like other people ,you’ll lay awake in bed thinking of ways to take revenge which could eventually lead to insomnia turning you into a zombie overnight.


3)You’ll miss treats .For example: If I have  a fight with my sister and she has a box full of yummy delicious chocolates ………………….You know what I mean.But if you forgive:


4)People will follow you around like Paparazzi’s and if you do something wrong they will also not forgive and definitely  not forget.


5)The number of  your enemies will increase which naturally equals to decrease in friends.



It is therefore rightly said that , “EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION”.



If doing so is  still difficult: Just do one thing, Remember that person’s good points and the good they did for you.

Why should I forget and Forgive:

1) GOD loves those who forgive others. So the quicker you forgive others the quicker GOD will forgive you.


2) You’ll have peace of mind. And  that is much better than wasting money on sleeping pills .


3)You’ll be a healthy granny with black hair.


4) Backbiting will decrease .Making this world a happier place to live in.


5) You’ll have more friends in real life then you have on Facebook.


6)Paparazzi’s will go out of job.



Remember the best way to act on something good is to tell others about it so that even if you forget they’ll remind you.Stay blessed:)




A Morning through my Balcony Window


I Woke up today to greet a lovely ,sunny day.It had been raining last night the raindrops still visible on the windowpane. The  white curtains moving by the light breeze, letting the  sunlight passing through  cast a beautiful shadow on the floor.


Looking out of my balcony window I saw the clear blue sky  two birds busy making their nest.

images (9)

My dad’s garden in full bloom ,the white roses still covered with dew drops ,the lush green grass decorated with yellow and orange flowers.


Just then my personal maid (sister) brought me a cup of tea ;p .The busiest time of the day had begun.


1) I saw my street cat fluffy running  ,tail high up ,all brushed and clean probably after some pretty cat or it could also have been a mouse .

2)Kids going to school. The minority looking happy the majority on the verge of tears (Exam Season :P)

3) I saw the University student ,who  is always carrying a laptop, running. Not again I thought . This special person is always late (I’ve never seen him walk ).

Running man with briefcase-resized-600

Taking a sip of tea ,I was thinking ,how can a person  always  be  late.Just then my mom came in,aren’t you going to college today?. Glancing at the clock…………Oh my God! I was  going to be late.:0

Things that make me happy

1) Getting my cat to meow back at me.

dontcare_0 (1)

2) Asking my sleep talking sister funny questions and giggling like mad at her mumbling.

m downloading colours

3) Waking up and finding that I have still 30 minutes left for college and jumping back to  bed for  some more beauty sleep.


4) Having a cup of tea with my family in the quite afternoons.


5) Finding a long hidden box in my cupboard with odd bits and pieces.

Treasure chest

6) Opening the refrigerator at night to find some yummy food to munch on.(Because most of the time only tomatoes and green veggies  are found in there)

refrigerator babies-thumb-640x480-155165

7)During exams randomly choosing from the four options given and getting the answer right.


8) Making a to do list and completing every task on time.

9) Reading my old diaries and laughing about the stupid things I wrote back then.


10) Going shopping with my mom and coming back with hands full of stuff I never even went shopping for.


10) Completing a book of 300 pages in one day.


12) Coming home tired and finding out that my  mom made my favorite dish, Biryani.

images (11)

13) Acting like a clown and making my parents laugh.


1) Why does your little toe decide to hit every wooden furniture, in your home, on the coldest day of winter 🙂


2) When you’re cozily bundled up in bed and have warmed ever cold spot ………… suddenly your’e like, Oh no I have to peee!!!!

images (7)

3)Alone in your room you won’t ever drop juggling balls nor will you ever fall if you’ve been standing on one leg for the past 15 minutes ,but when it’s time to show someone any of your talents …….. Whoosh you go flying down the stairs.

I Fell...

4) In a hurry when wearing a sweater, why does your head always stubbornly get stuck in the sleeve.


5) When you’ve applied toothpaste on your brush and you’re admiring the color as soon as you raise the brush …..Arghhhhhhh It fell.


6)During your final exams why do you have a dying urge , To clean every drawer ,closet ,read every book that you had never time to read before ,cook, paint go on long walks ,sew and do every crazy thing that you can think of at that time.


7) why do you remember the saddest songs when you can’t remember the answer to a question in your exam paper .Especially in your Math paper……..The last time I gave my math paper the lyrics, I am so lonely I have no body kept playing, in my head for the entire two hours ………….. I still passed.


8) When going to a party ,why does your curly hair after getting a wash decide to run wild in every direction possible, so that when you enter the party room one of the girl points at you and screams….MUFASSSSAAAAAAA!!!!!

images (1)

9) Why do you always, in an emergency situation find ,only one shoe or one  earring with the other pair missing and nowhere to be found.

10) Why does the” BISCUIT” always decide to go for a swim in your tea cup when you’re in the least mood to go fishing.




I am a 19 year old ,curly haired girl.
Born on October 26.
I was born in Germany ,Berlin.
I am a proud Muslim.I love my religion.
I have visited UK but currently  I am living in Pakistan.
I’m fluent in German,Urdu, English,Korean and in a language that only my little  sister can understand (The secret sister language 🙂 )
I love cooking and cleaning.
I’d love to visit Turkey and Ireland.
I love my parents.
I have two gorgeous sisters.I couldn’t imagine my life without them.
I love reading books.Some of my favourite ones are HEIDI,LONG WAY HOME ,THREE OF A KIND , Eragon and 17 again.
I love cats.
I have a  sweet tooth.
I’ m really girly ,I love pretty shoes ,bags and jewellery .
I love painting.
And yes I love to use the word (I) a lot as you can see.:)


The Sister Spy network


download (2)

“Psssstt, the coast is clear”,  said my sister coming out from behind the door.  “LET’S GET STARTED!” People, believe me we weren’t going to perform some crazy science experiment that would blow up our house this late at night. We had a more important mission.


1) Peel and cut seven big potatoes,  fry  and eat them .

2) Copy the downloaded movie to USB from our computer which makes a horrible whirring sound when turned on and is placed right outside our parents’ room.
3) Remove all evidences of any foul play for which we could be charged guilty!4) Pray that the smell of freshly fried chips doesn’t reach the danger room.
5) And do all of this in a limited time of 2 hours.The reason we were being extra cautious was that even if a faint smell reached our mama she’d immediately find out that two locusts were busy eating her potatoes crop after which the consequences would be severe.

images (4)

The most notable would be:
Our laptop would be confiscated and taken into custody and we would definitely get grounded

Because neither of us wanted that to happen we quickly set to work.

Entering the kitchen on tiptoes like FBI agents moments before catching the criminals, we attacked the target(potatoes ) each with a weapon in hand. Me with a knife and my sis with the  peeler.  We caught them red handed and  told them that everything they said now would be used against them and they had the right to hire an attorney and threw them in jail(the frying pan ) in which they turned a beautiful golden brown.

And thus the first half our mission was complete.” Thank GOD”
The other half however was  a bit more dangerous  and daring , but we were ready.

ninjas moon silhouette naruto shippuden uchiha itachi anime anbu 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_74
 Both of us crept like ninjas  towards  the whirring box. Each knowing their assigned tasks. I had to copy the movie without making anything fall, while she would keep watch to give the” red signal” in case  danger appeared. All went well until we heard a cough. We stared at each others platter like eyes.

images (2)

We knew then , there was only one thing to do.

                              ” RUN”

And that is exactly what we did .No cheetah could have outrun us that night.

Once safely back in our den we erupted into giggles, me holding the USB like a trophy won  after a fierce battle.

Hand holding a trophy

Having completed our mission we settled down happily to munch and crunch, but not before thoroughly discussing our escape plan. That is if in case  someone came I had to hide the laptop under my covers and play dead, while she would be responsible for hiding the plates and then springing into bed  herself.
But all our fears were put to rest  when no one came. The movie ended happily and we both went to bed with smiling round faces and round tummies.

images (3)


Ate too much 2

Dedicated to my sisters  without them I  could never have a chance to be a locust or a ninja in the night. I love you both.


A WoRld WithOut GlAssES


I am a curly haired, brown eyed girl, who loves chocolates and cats. Ah and yes I wear glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since 4rth grade , its really hard imagining life without them. Believe me being a four eyed person can sometimes be really hard and at times really funny like for instance,

1)You must have probably seen in  movies that the first thing that people do after waking up  is that they look at their cell phones to check the time. However when I wake up,  I have to first look for my glasses to find my cell phone which must have definitely taken a walk under my bed last night.


2)Glasses have a really bad habit of disappearing,the invention I would love the most right  now would be “Glasses designed to find glasses”

3) Being a four eyed person can make you miss the fun sometimes, like your favourite drama is being aired and the scene in which the lead actor is going to get shot is coming, but you can’t find your glasses. Believe me you won’t find them before the actor has been shot several times and the actress hasn’t stopped crying a  bucket of tears and until the funeral service hasn’t been over.


4) My glasses have become such a necessity for me that I run around the house looking like a lunatic rabbit , only to find them later on ,sitting on my nose.(Especially when I look in the mirror)


5)For a short period of time, I used to wear contacts. One day however I was in such a hurry that one of the contacts got drained in the sink. I had no time so I went without them,  all I saw that day weren’t people but multicolored blobs .


6)People tell me that my eyes are really  pretty and I shouldn’t wear glasses. In other words they are politely telling me that glasses  make my big  raccoon like eyes look like like tiny beads. I however doubt that if I crash into a wall or fall down the stairs they’d take the blame for giving such bad advice.So if you don’t want to loose any of your teeth and be called toothless wear your glasses proudly.


7)When your friends and siblings wag their fingers asking how many fingers they are holding up, they think your’e completely blind, little do they not know that you can perfectly see their stupid smiles.


These were some of the funny things that a lot of four eyed people must have encountered.However putting aside the humour ,having a perfect vision is a blessing ,so for those people who don’t have to wear glasses take care of your eyes and thank God that you see people instead of dancing blobs.