In order to determine that a thorough study should be done:


1)The wanna be singers: these are the ones who not being able to afford much turn their bathrooms into singing studios .99% of them tone deaf .Now I firmly believe that  the people Simon  said no to on XFactor were definitely his next door neighbours .








He wasn’t Simons neighbor………..:P

2) The Quite Ones:







these neighbours  are so quite that they constantly keep you worried and thinking Are they alive ?Are they alive?.Also they speak so quietly that after every visit you decide two things

  • ) you’ll visit your doctor to have your hearing checked.
  •    e2d06c331a5903620fa9e8e9c5fab0b31fd394ac671b1d089da93c142cc5a8ff





  • )  Or you’ll take a loudspeaker with you the next time you visit.

3)The Loud Ones: these are the ones that keep you thinking when are they gonna die?When are they gonna die .You wake up in the morning and feel the earth shaking and you jump out of bed screaming , earthquake earthquake at the top of your lungs only to find out  later that your neighbours were busy hammering a nail.







4)The nosy ones: These neighbours have  a love for bungee jumping behind your wall and sometimes their pets join in the fun.











They are keen in knowing every little detail of things you bought like where,when ,why ,did you buy it ? The manufacturing and the expiry date ?









Where did you buy your shoes?why blue coloured?Do you like them ?:)

5)The Borrowers :These are the ones who love to borrow every single thing  from you whether it be a cube of ice ,your hairbrush , a pinch of salt and sometimes your bathroom as well. You can consider them distant family members living close;P








6)The “want to make this world a global village”neighbours :They watch every program on TV of every country  with the volume so loud that after they have watched TV you feel like you have already travelled the world.









7)The Interrogators : These are the dangerous types who aren’t easily avoided( mostly grandmothers ;)), you have to be extremely clever in order to avoid them or in  other words you have to start thinking like a fox .THE BEST THINK TO DO WHENEVER YOU SEE THEM IS………..RUN!!!!!!









8) The Busy ones: this group mostly consists of working moms with four or five kids who don’t consider you anything else but a nanny who doesn’t need to get paid , they call to tell you that in five minutes the’ll be leaving their  angelic kids (ACCORDING TO THEM NOT YOU):










with  devilish grins and knives in their hands at your door giving you5 minutes to:

  • ) save what you can: laptops ,cell phones, glass furniture ah and  your poor cat and lock them in your safety vault (your room).
  • []picture-standard-anime-hakuouki-shinsengumi-kitan-saito-195776-sinner8989-preview-0a2896ef







Let the world war begin:P

9)The Cautious ones: they think of you as a spy so that whenever you ask them something the go like: AHHHH………..Yes…………..uhmmmm ……….. this was given by ……………….ahhhhh ……….. one of my friends…..uhmmmm ……………….i cant remember her name.






This is what I’m doing  to them in my mind 😛

So that when your mom asks where were you ?ahhhhhhhhh…………..I was ………….uhmmmmm……… door .








10)The talkative ones : whenever you come back after meeting them you feel like you’re coming back after just  having watched TV for continuous four hours.

download (4)








This is what you wanna do the talkers:P

And last but not least:

11)THE COMPETETIVE ONES: they are your fiercest competitors.


Even if they haven’t mown their gardens in two years the minute you do the’ll do the same making the residents of their jungle  (GARDEN) a lioness and her four cubs ,rabbits and zebras migrate to their natural habitat. THE real jungle .









Please don’t make us leave 😛

Example 2 : if you buy a car the’ll buy a truck and if you buy a truck the’ll start saving for an airplane.

After this thorough study the answer whom should we love is:



“To make the loud ,nosy, quite, interrogators, etc and borrowers your

followers and lovers try some of these things :

1)If your neighbours have are listening  to music in  full volume and you feel like Justin Bieber is standing right next to singing just  ring their bell and politely ask them if they could call the singer back ( turn down the volume a little ) 😉









2) if you want your neighbours to be good to you be good to them like whenever you cook something nice send a little bit over to your neighbours. DO GOOD GET GOOD 🙂

3)Start giving money to charities so that your competitive neighbours will give more than you did in this way the poor will get help and your neighbours will get their satisfaction;)

4) Celebrate with them in the time of their happiness and  comfort them in their sorrows. You yourself would like to have someone to share your happiness and sorrow with right?

5)If your neighbours are poor and borrow from you even though you may not like it just help them for the sake of GOD. GOD loves those who help others.  And even if your neihgbours  don’t repay you HE  definitely will.









BUT don’t say it like this 😛

6) keep your neighbor kids busy when they come over 🙂












But  if they still opt for world war you have no choice but to do this;)











The peace in  each neighbourhood will lead to peace in the country ,The peace in the countries will lead to peace in the whole world making this world a better place  to live in:)

tumblr_ml8y6qcTri1r3tvt7o2_1280 (1)




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