The Wonders Of Bathrooms :D


Reading corner in the bathroom











Besides serving its one most important purpose;P it is a place of wonders where :

1)The Place Where Great Thinkers Are Born :











No one can deny that “The Bathroom” is the best place to think ;D, (I bet that Thomas Edison ran out the bathroom saying Eurika!!! )But only if their isn’t a long line of other thinkers waiting on the opposite side of the door ;D.

2)The protection of a mother :

The  bathroom now for centuries has been providing the protection against violent situations ,whether it be your little sister runnig with a glass of water to throw on you  (cuz you did the same thing in the morning to wake her up;D )  or in some peoples case their parents with THAT beautifully embroided  slipper :D.






3) Helping In chemistry (Improving chemical vocabulary :P):

In case of emergency when you are in a hurry and can’t  find any book in close range,The shampoo bottle or the toothpaste tube are the best alternative to quench your thirst for knowledge and the same time get to know about sodium laureth sulfate 😀








4)The Soundproof Study Room :

The best place to finish the last two pages of your book when you know its past bedtime and any minute the warden (MOM;P) might come on tiptoes and take it away from you , Is “THAT “special  room of requirements 😛






5)Taking revenge :

Taking revenge in a bathroom may come in various forms but  one  of the most effective is :

As soon as the enemy goes into the bathroom lock it from outside and turn off  the lights and to add more effect laugh like a crazy baboon:D.










6)Finding the lost :

You are in the bathroom and you can’t remember where you put  your glasses  after a few moments you’ll spring out like a kangaroo cuz you remembered that while putting the eggs in the refrigerator this morning you accidently put them in too;P









7)Getting to know :

The bathroom provides you the opportunity to know :

1)whether you are tonedeaf Or not 😛

2)It provides you the opportunity  to act crazy without anyone knowing like making comical faces  in the  mirror or the tap water reflection .




















8)Keeping good releations with everyone :

Last but not least the bathroom teaches us to keep good and strong releations with each of your family members cuz you never know when you might have to scream for some toilet rolls 😛



15 thoughts on “The Wonders Of Bathrooms :D

  1. hi!!
    love your site. so cute and informative. fun and interesting all at the same time.
    the last pic reminds me of what my cat does the second i close the bathroom door. cats hate closed doors for some reason. anyways… happy friday.

    o and om

    Liked by 1 person

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